Basic Services – Wash

Description Price
* indicates an Add-On service

Quick Wash


Deluxe Wash & Dry

A hand wash. Dried with microfiber towel. Outside windows are clean. Tires dressed.


Windows *

All windows cleaned & polished inside and out.


RainX Window Treatment *

A window application that causes water to bead and roll off for increased visibility. Great for highway driving in weather.


Tire Dressing *

Gives tires a wet and renewed look.


Quick Wax *

A spray on polymer wax added to the drying process that enhances color and protection. Great for in between polishes.


Vacuum *

Front and back floors and seats vacuumed.


Full Service Wash

A hand wash including door jambs. Dried with microfiber towel, vacuumed, windows cleaned and tires dressed. Finished with a polymer quick wax


Polymer Wax (STS2000) *

A high resin, polysynthetic binding glaze with color brightener. It protects for up to 3 months..


Machine Polish (STS3000):

A basic wash before a skilled technician machine waxes the paint with a high resin, polysynthetic binding glaze for greater absorption and color depth. Up to 4 months protection.


Buff & Polish:

A basic wash before a skilled technician machine polishes the paint to a silky smooth, crystaline, swirl free shine. Glazed with a polymer sealant.


Basic Services – Interior Options

Description Price
* indicates an Add-On service

Full Interior

A thorough vacuum before we hand scrub, shampoo and steam extract your entire interior. A mild leather and vinyl revitalizer applied where needed.

Starting at


Area Scrub

Interior cleaning of a specific area only. i.e Front Passenger seat, passenger floor, passenger side of dashboard, etc.


Floor Mats Cleaned

One set fully cleaned and dried. Set = 2-5 floor mats.


Interior Revitalizer Dressing *

A water based UV protectant applied to leather and vinyl components of interior surfaces to rejuvenate the appearance.


Fabric Protectant (Stain Guard) *

A stain guard applied to breathable surfaces to prevent absorption and help repel liquid stains and spills.